with Taylor Rapley

 Expert in Performance Psychology, specialising in Resilience & Wellbeing 


The Body Garage

 Sunday 19 May 

8.45am - 12.00pm 


Wet Jacket Wines

Sunday 12 May

8.45am - 12.00pm


The Tack Rooms

Sunday 26 May

8.45am - 12.00pm 

"Stress is inevitable, distress is not"

Stressors are inevitable and very often out of our control. But what we can control is the handling of our response to stress through observation of the appraise and power we give to “stressful” situations.


When life throws curve balls, no matter how big and bad, we can learn to adapt; we can find comfort in the temporary discomforts.


Join us as we delve into advanced knowledge & skills for stress alliance. A refreshing approach  uncovering the many ways we can optimise the benefits of stress, no matter what the situation. 

'Stress Alliance' is a 3 hour workshop with a nourishing breakfast, snacks & tonics,  aimed to empower through knowledge and practice. It is designed to challenge the status quo of what it means to be resilient in the modern world. 


+ 3 hour workshop with expert in performance psychology for resilience & well-being

+ Knowledge session challenging our conditioned beliefs around stress & resilience 

+  Practical skills session for stress optimisation (de-exciting the nervous system, cognitive reframing, mindfulness & meditation)

+ Take home booklet for continued learning 

+ Healing & wholesome breakfast, snacks and tonics 

+ Skills for adaptability & resilience

+ And community 

...... all situated in understated, luxury venues for a wholesome experience in a relaxed environment.


To absorb all the juicy knowledge, you need to be nourished- body & mind. You will be served breakfast as well as snacks, tonics and tea. Everything will be gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. 


Ayurvedic porridge with warm soothing spices served with stewed stone fruit, crunchy baked seeds, fresh yoghurt & local honey.


Raw vegan sweet treats by Good Roots Feasting


Made with organic cacao, maca, Superfeast mushroom blend and more. 


FACILITATOR: Taylor Rapley

Taylor specialises in Performance Psychology for resilience and well-being. She has worked with World Champions, Olympic Medalists and The New Zealand Police among other organisations and individuals in developing resilience for a stronger sense of well-being and improved performance. Taylor delivers functional techniques that challenge society’s current model, liberating people so they can regain a life characterised by lasting change and positive growth. Imperative to this is the belief that friction propels progress - rather than seeking to entirely eliminate stress from the body, we can learn to be adaptable and fluid in our resilience to it.

Learn more about Taylor here or head to

"... it seems that these days you can DIY everything on the internet, but I would argue that learning in this supportive environment is more powerful than any URL."

- Anna Smoothy

"...when we're under pressure, our reactions fall back onto our habits. Taylor taught me ways to change those habits so that I can adapt when the pressure is on."

- Andi Smillie

"...Taylor's workshops challenged and changed my conditioned beliefs, exceeding far beyond what I already knew. Innovative and refreshing!"

- Andi Throssell 


Wellness is not merely an indulgence, but a worthy investment

*limited space available