Jacks Point, Queenstown

Spring 2019

8.30am - 6pm 

Join us for a transformative day exploring the confines of stress as we uncover ways of optimising resilience in its infinite potential.


Situated in an exclusive lakefront property against the backdrop of 2300 vertical metres of jagged mountain range, a stone’s throw away from the glacial waters of Lake Wakatipu.


We will be delving into a range of specialised workshops with leading experts in the field psychology, performance and well-being.


This day will be the perfect balance of education and exploration. It is not only an opportunity to learn, but an opportunity to immerse yourself in game-changing experiences, aimed to empower, educate and provide attainable strategies to help you thrive across all facets of life. 


In the pursuit of happiness, it’s easy to become fixated on positive outcomes. We avoid stress like the plague, all the while our comfort zone becomes more and more confined. Arising challenges can be perceived as threats to our familiar comforts, often leading to distress. In a society where stress is BAD, our automatic response is not to adapt, but to resist, causing more suffering than stress itself. With that in mind, it’s easy to lose sight of what it means to be resilient, especially when we need it most.


This does not have to be the case. Instead of seeking to entirely eliminate stress from the body, we can learn to be adaptable and fluid in our resilience to it.

" On an unseasonably frosty Sunday, Ahua Retreats delivered knowledge, compassion and adaptive skills within  the warmth of community. It seems that these days you can DIY everything on the internet, but I would argue that learning in this supportive environment is more powerful than any URL."

You will leave feeling inspired with advanced knowledge and skills required to thrive under stress.


+ A specialised retreat with leading experts in psychology, performance & well-being

+ Interactive & Informative workshops

+ Cold water Therapy & Breath work

+ Introduction to medicinal tonics 

+ Restorative yoga session with essential oils

+ Healing and wholesome food, drinks and tonics

+ A day spent in an exclusive, luxury lakefront property

+ Access to secluded beaches along the pristine waters of Lake Wakatipu

+ Connecting with like-minded individuals

+ Take home resources for continued learning


Re-defining Resilience: The Stress Alliance // Taylor Rapley.


Stressors are inevitable and very often out of our control. But what we can control is the handling of our response to stress through observation of the appraise and power we give to “stressful” situations. This interactive workshop gives individuals the tools to utilise the benefits of stress, and to become empowered in the understanding of a stressful situation only as being as stressful as we make it. When life throws curve balls, no matter how big and bad, we can learn to adapt, using it as an opportunity for growth-  a welcomed challenge rather than a threat. In Re-Defining Resilience, we challenge the status quo of what it means to be resilient, delving into advanced knowledge and skills for stress alliance.

Stress Optimisation and Cold Water Therapy // Ben Logan.


Throughout this aspect of the day’s activities, we will explore the concept of cold water training and breath work, learning not only the incredible health benefits but also sustainable, long-term strategies you can take home to implement this practice into your individual lifestyle. After the theory aspect of the workshop, we will draw on strength in numbers as we do a group cold water session in the pristine, healing waters of Lake Wakatipu. This workshop will not only challenge and highly empower you but will make you rethink what is possible in your own lives going forward.

Restorative Yin Yoga with Movement Therapist // Andi Throssell.


Andi teaches Yin Yoga through three primary wisdom traditions – Hatha Yoga asanas, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian theory and Buddhist Mindfulness techniques. Yin Yoga allows us to completely surrender to the present moment, acting to release and restore both the body and mind. This practice will allow us to connect with the breath and observe the sensations that arise, giving us a deeper understanding of the subtle energies and tensions that we hold physically, mentally and emotionally in our everyday life. The perfect end to a day of physical and mental exploration.


Food drinks and tonics will be freshly made Dripping Bowl, Wanaka. Dripping bowl serves nourishing meals, using 100% whole foods. Everything is refined sugar free, mostly organic and sourced locally when available. Meals and snacks will be plant based, dairy and gluten free, freshly made to  nourish and HEAL both body and mind.







Taylor Rapley // Performance Psychology for Resilience and Well-being

Taylor specialises in performance psychology for resilience and well-being. She has worked with World Champions, Olympic Medalists and The New Zealand Police among other organisations and individuals in developing resilience for a stronger sense of well-being and improved performance. Taylor delivers functional techniques that challenge society’s current model, liberating people so they can regain a life characterised by lasting change and positive growth. Imperative to this is the belief that friction propels progress - rather than seeking to entirely eliminate stress from the body, we can learn to be adaptable and fluid in our resilience to it.

Ben Logan // Environmental Conditioning and Stress Optimisation


As an elite athlete, health, performance and survival specialist, Ben’s ultimate passion is working with diverse groups, teaching the art of performance and survival then translating those skills and mindset strategies into their personal, family and work life. When he’s not in the backcountry mountains training with his Alaskan Malamute, Maska, you can usually find him testing new research on human optimisation, survival training and exploring the beautiful region of Wanaka with his family. He has trained and worked with men and women of all walks of life, from corporate companies to some of the world's best athletes and military personnel.

Andi Throssell  // Movement Therapy & Medicinal Nutrition


Andi is a Yoga movement therapist and co-owner of whole foods ‘Dripping Bowl’ in Wanaka. She is half-way through studying a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine and endeavours to weave together her knowledge of food, movement and medicine. Andi’s most recent studies were under a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, Yoga and Myo-fascial Release Therapist, which have shaped and moulded the way she currently teaches. The intention of her teachings is to help individuals cultivate awareness through bringing mindfulness to movement, attention to the breath and observance of the fluctuations within the mind.



Early bird tickets to be released January 2019
Final Release to be released February 2019