Retreat Guest - Andi Smilie


...enlightening, educational and provocative. I came away with a raft of ideas on how to optimise stress, using it to serve, rather than hinder my experience. 

Taylor's specialised knowledge around this complex subject is delivered in an easy to understand style. Complex topic with plenty of nuggets of info to digest. Ben's relaxed approach to the simplicity of cold water immersion was so straightforward that you entered the water with the reasons as to why, without reluctance. Once sitting in a 12 degree lake, it was easy to convince yourself to stay knowing the benefits. Andi from Dripping Bowl makes delicious food, and again, her natural enthusiasm for medicinal food is obvious, and hugely interesting. 

I would highly recommend future retreats based purely on the style that these workshops were presented. Relaxed, incredibly informative and hugely beneficial.

Retreat Guest - Michael Pollard 

As a first-time retreat attendee, I had no idea what to expect. What struck me most was the depth of knowledge being shared by each of the speakers. Whether it was exploring the psychology of stress, the benefits of  cold water immersion therapy or discussing nutrition, each of the speakers were passionate, highly knowledgeable and engaging. Most importantly, the day was fun! There was an easy balance between information and activities, delicious healthy foods and a wonderful group of attendees and speakers all enjoying the experience in a truly idyllic Queenstown setting.

Retreat Guest - Anna Smoothy

On an unseasonably frosty Sunday, Ahua Retreats delivered knowledge, compassion and adaptive skills within  the warmth of community. It seems that these days you can DIY everything on the internet, but I would argue that learning in this supportive environment is more powerful than any URL. 

Retreat Guest - Prescilla Cameron


Everything was so well organized and appropriate to the day. I felt I had done something really special for myself. The venue was stunning. Taylor's Stress Alliance workshop was presented in such a relaxed way, easily relatable with really good delivery and solid knowledge on the subject, exceeding beyond the basics of what we already know. I loved the cold water therapy and fully intend to embrace our icy mount fed rivers lots this season. Andi's beautiful food, yin yoga class and take home goodie bag made me feel like I had been to a very special party! I'm very much looking forward to Survive or Thrive Part II.