We envision a more mentally, physically & ecologically resilient future.


Through creating meaningful connections with ourselves, with nature and with each other.

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It is our purpose to reconnect people with their intrinsic nature by uncovering their infinite potential to adapt and thrive with life's ebbs & flows through education, nature immersion and deeper experiences.

​At ĀHUA, we believe that it's one thing to know, and another thing to embody.

​We create events which gift people the opportunity to not only learn, but to fully experience and therefore embody advanced knowledge and skills for resilience & well-being.

​We are a collaborative community of conscious creators & passionate adventurers who find value in the progressive nature of collaboration, working alongside a number of experts in the fields of psychology and wellness for events which are speciliased and well-founded.

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AHUA retreats are based in natural habitats, SEA // LAND // SNOW. They are a well-crafted combination of education, adventure, wellness, nutrition and connection. 


They are comfortable and down-to-earth experiences for those looking to grow, learn and reconnect.


We host half-day and full-day workshops for those who cannot commit or afford to attend a full retreat.

We have a variety of different themes, facilitators and venues all over NZ.


Become a member of AHUA's community. This entitles you to discounts, exclusive events and you will receive monthly updates, blog posts and epic wisdom.